Service List

SabreTel has many years experience in the architecture, design, and development of Systems On a Chip (SOC). We can work along side of your engineers to develop special modules and provide support for a total system design. We can also perform performance analysis and verification.

Systems on a Chip

Design Contracting is available to develop an IC or module to meet your specifications. This is sometimes a "turn-key" project with less day-to-day interaction. New chip designs and existing product cost reduction redesigns are candidates for design contracting.

Design Contracting

SabreTel has experience analyzing patents for clients. We can provide prior art searches and  analyze chips and hardware for potential infringement. SabreTel also provides reverse engineering analysis.

Patent Analysis

SabreTel has designed and developed various embedded systems from simple microprocessor based systems to complex multiprocessor systems. SabreTel can use this broad system knowledge to help design systems to meet your specific requirements.

Embedded Systems