Mike Wiles has extensive experience in Microprocessor design and Systems on a Chip (SOC) design. He has 31 patents issued on Microprocessor and Peripheral architecture. Mr. Wiles has over 31 years of experience in IC design and management experience while serving at Motorola Semiconductor where he won the Motorola Dan Noble Fellow award, the Motorola Science Advisory Board Associate award, and the Motorola Distinguished Innovator Award. His expertise includes participating and leading design teams in microcomputer system design and Systems-on-a-Chip (SOC) design, various hardware design, multi-computer systems design, customer specifications, performance modeling, functional verification, micro-architecture, construction, debug and performance tuning. Mr. Wiles has published ten (10) technical articles on Microprocessors and Systems-on-a-Chip modeling.

Mike Wiles has completed system design and architecture of many microprocessors starting with the MC6800 family and continuing the MC6801, MC6805, MC6809, MC68701, etc. Mr. Wiles additionally was Sr. Member of the Technical Staff and a member of a team at Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) which developed advanced FPGA-based reconfigurable computing hardware systems that were used in the development of parallel applications and research.

Michael Wiles

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